President’s Message

Hard to believe that we are on final approach for the Christmas Holiday Season.  Time indeed moves fast.  In the spirit of that Season, I will keep this short.  After 14 years at the helm of the DAU Alumni Association, I now believe it is time to instill “new blood” in the Association’s leadership.  In that regard, I will be leaving the office of President of the Alumni Association on December 31, 2019.  In accordance with the Board of Directors Procedures Document, the Vice President for Operations – Mr. Scott Bauer, will assume the office of the president effective January 1, 2020.  As the immediate past president, I will retain membership on the Board, but I intend to be as low key and helpful as I can be during Scott’s transition and tenure.  I am very pleased that Scott was elected to the board during the summer of 2019 and that he is taking on this responsibility.  Scott is the Director of Acquisition Career Management for the “4th Estate.”  That covers all agencies and government organizations not part of the military services.  Scott – along with our Communications VP, Sam Parks – is working a strategic plan for the Alumni Association.  Hopefully that strategic plan will be available early in 2020.

As for me, I plan to do more travelling with my wife, plus play more senior softball; the latter is kind of a passion with me.  But you might see me from time to time around the DAU Belvoir Campus since the DAU Chief of Staff has asked me to retain my DAU Volunteer Emeritus status and help run things like hot topic forums and symposia.  I also hear that both the Marine Corps Museum and the Army Museum – located in our area – are looking for docents.  That will afford me something else to keep me off the streets.

The past 14 years – starting in 2006 – have been very fulfilling.  We started with a few hundred members and no money in the bank.  Now we have about 1500 members and reserve funds in the bank.  We have co-sponsored – with DAU – some great symposiums and hot topic forums over the years.  Without our thriving membership, we could not have done it, so I thank all our members for their continued support over the years. I would be remiss if I did not mention the great personal support I received from board members Wayne Glass and Mike Dorohovich; both worked with me on solving day-to-day issues over the years.  That work included our website, LinkedIn Group, Member Scholarship Program, Edward Hirsch Research Writing Competition, and all the details associated with running symposiums and hot topic forums. We also have been blessed with a great support contractor – Howard Associates – and its staff, which includes Debbie Garry, Marianne Catina, Jennifer Holub and Leann Howard.  Julie Howard, the president of Howard Associates also contributed mightily over the years.

And finally – my last pitch to the membership.  I want to emphasize that if members or their family purchase items from Amazon, and by using AmazonSmile, they are allowing Amazon to contribute 0.5% of the purchase price to the Defense Acquisition University Alumni Association – a 501(C)(3) nonprofit.  Go to to learn more.  Every bit helps to fund the members’ families scholarships, the Edward Hirsch Acquisition Writing Competition, and our support for DAU activities such as TEDx, Day of Cyber, and 4th Estate Leadership Forum.  Recently, I was informed by Amazon that my personal purchases had resulted in $1.25 cents contributed to the Alumni Association over 2 months.  That is not much, but with a 1500-person membership, that can add up over a 12-month period.

Warm Regards to all and keep those memberships coming,

Bill Bahnmaier, President, DAUAA

About Bill Bahnmaier, DAUAA President: Bill Bahnmaier is a retired Marine and a former (retired) instructor at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). In his last tour of duty as a Marine he was a major system PM of the Marine Corps Assault Amphibian. Since retirement, Bahnmaier works as an official volunteer at DAU and also is a part time consultant and instructor on defense acquisition matters. He and his wife Peggy reside in Alexandria, VA. They have 9 nephews and nieces and 18 great nephews and nieces.