President’s Message

Greetings as we enter the cooler fall months after a very hot July and August.  August also saw the election of our new board of directors for the next two years.  Some of the faces are familiar, but we have two new – and significant – adds.  Mr. Scott Bauer, the DACM of the 4th Estate was elected to the position of VP Ops, and Mr. Sam Parks, the DAU Assistant Public Affairs Officer, was elected to the position of VP Communications.  Both hold key positions in DoD and DAU respectively; welcome aboard.  We also have retained Mr. Marty Lewis on the board as the Marine Corps Liaison/Rep.  Marty – a DAU professor – retired from the Marine Corps in late July, but has been re-hired as a civilian on the faculty.  He has consented to remain as the Marine Corps representative.  Once a Marine, always a Marine!  All three of these directors are key to helping grow our membership.

Speaking of a hot summer, we had an outstanding hot topic forum co-sponsored by DAU and the Alumni Association on Wednesday, 24 July in Howell Auditorium.  The topic was: “Navigating Data rights, Intellectual Property, and Contracting Issues in Cloud Computing Contracts.”  This forum was sponsored by DAU Faculty Professor Vicki Allums and featured expert panelists from the Defense Information Systems Agency.   The panel discussed lessons learned in constructing a “Cloud Computing” contract, including intellectual property issues.  It was fed to the DAU regions via WebEx.  To view the slides and video of this forum, go to the “training events” page of the Alumni Association at

One last item – we are co-sponsoring a hot topic forum coming up on Wed 18 September.  The topic is “What the Market is Saying About Defense – And What It Might be Missing.”  The guest speaker is Mr. Byron Callan, Capital Alpha Partners,  LLC.  Mr. Callan is a Wall Street analyst covering the defense industry.  The presentation is faculty sponsored by the DAU Industry Chair, Mr. Thomas Davis.  Mr. Callan will offer his thoughts on the direction of the industry over the years he has covered it, and how he assesses its current and projected condition.  In addition to the financial outlook, he will cover external political and economic/market factors affecting the industry.  Specifically, he has been asked to offer his thoughts on the UTC/Raytheon merger and its impact on acquisition market competition. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the defense marketplace.  Industry attendance is heartily encouraged. Go to to register.

That’s it for now,

  • That’s it for now.  Regards to all,   Bill Bahnmaier, President, DAUAA

About Bill Bahnmaier, DAUAA President: Bill Bahnmaier is a retired Marine and a former (retired) instructor at the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). In his last tour of duty as a Marine he was a major system PM of the Marine Corps Assault Amphibian. Since retirement, Bahnmaier works as an official volunteer at DAU and also is a part time consultant and instructor on defense acquisition matters. He and his wife Peggy reside in Alexandria, VA. They have 9 nephews and nieces and 18 great nephews and nieces.