Wayne Glass is a graduate of PMC 87-1, numerous other DAU courses and is Level III
DAWIA certified in multiple functional area career fields. He was the ninth President of the
Alumni Association (1995-1997) and has served on the Board of Directors for over 25 years.
After nearly three decades of military service, that included multiple assignments in both the
operational and acquisition communities, Wayne retired from the Army in 1993. He commanded
several combat units during his career and in combat he was an infantry company commander
in Vietnam (1st Cavalry Division) and also served in a troop command position in the 11th
Armored Cavalry Regiment. He served in various acquisition, requirements, testing and logistics
positions in the US Army Training and Doctrine Command, US Army Test and Evaluation
Command, the Army Materiel Command, and in the Pentagon. His last duty assignment was at
the Defense Systems Management College where he was a professor, as well as a course manager
and seminar director. After his military service Wayne worked in defense industry in various
acquisition positions to include program manager. In 2001, Wayne accepted a position at
The Defense Acquisition University where he currently serves as both the Director of over 140
DAU Strategic Partnerships and as a Professor of Systems Acquisition Management, Life Cycle
Logistics and Leadership.