Mrs. Tammy Birdsong is a Procurement Analyst of Small Business Administration, Washington D.C. She
received her Bachelor’s in Business Management and Master’s in Mass Communications from Virginia
State University and recently joined the Government Contracting Business Development, Headquarters
in Washington D.C. as a Contract Analyst. She possesses over 20 years in the Federal Government
civilian agencies and also is the child of a war veteran and traveled the world due to his multiple duty
locations. Mrs. Birdsong’s expertise covers the Contracting field with agencies and departments such as
Washington Headquarters, Department Of Energy, USDA, Army Medical Research, Fort Detrick,
Department of Interior, AF, Defense Logistics Agency, Walter Reed and the Pentagon. She volunteered
as a judge for U.S. Army Ecybermission supporting high schools throughout the country for STEM
projects. Mrs. Birdsong currently fulfills her lifelong mission of serving her country and supporting the
United States Armed Forces from Washington D.C.