Robin White has taken numerous DAU courses in the field of acquisition and financial management and complete level 1 DAWIA. She is currently the vice-present of membership and have served for two years. Serving a span of three decades of civilian service, that includes various assignments in both the operational and acquisition population. This included positions as a budget analyst intern at Fort Meade, Budget Analyst at Army Research Laboratory, Integration Analyst at Army Test and Evaluation, Resource Manager at Fort Hamilton, New York and Resource Manager for National Capital Region – District of Washington. Robin’s current position is working for the Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management Command. There she serves as a Senior Financial Analyst in the Resource Requirement Modeling Division such 2010. Robin also serves for her as provisional judge, county educational board for real estate, and a community board. She holds a BA in Political Science (Organizational Behavior); MPA in Public Administration (Public Policy); and working toward a DPA in Public Administration (Organizational Strategic Policy).