Mike Dorohovich is a retired Army Signal Corps Officer with over 38 years of information management, knowledge management, and leadership experience obtained over a military and civilian career working in environments from tactical to strategic levels.  Assignments also included serving as a Company Tactical Officer and as the USCC Chief of Operations and Logistics at West Point.  In the later part of his service on active duty, he was responsible for efforts to establish one of the first DoD knowledge management programs while at the United States Atlantic Command and then served as the Chief Knowledge Management Officer at OSD(C3I).  Since retirement he has supported both the Navy Acquisition Reform Office and the Defense Acquisition University in a number of contract support roles.  He is currently a Project Manager for CSRA supporting the DAU WLADSS contract.

Mike has served as a member of the DAUAA Board of Directors since 2007, first as a Director at Large, and subsequently as the Vice President for Communications.  While serving on the DUAAA BoD, he has continued to maintain one of the most consistent attendance records at meetings, lead the effort to establish and maintain the Steven W. Oxman DAUAA Scholarship program over its six years, worked with the DAUAA President, Bill Bahnmaier and others to initiate the Hot Topic Training Forum program starting in 2007, and facilitates the DAUAA Website and the DAUAA LinkedIn Group.

Mike’s formal education includes a BA in Criminology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a MA in Leadership Development from the Eisenhower Institute at the United States Military Academy, the Signal Officer Basic and Advanced Courses, the Communications and Electronics Staff Officer Course, CAC3, and the Command and General Staff College.