Mark Husband Bio

Dr. Mark Husband joined the DAU faculty in 2010 after 26 years in the US Air Force. While on active duty, he worked for over fifteen years in a variety of acquisition disciplines including cost estimating; systems program research, development and engineering (SPRDE); program management; and scientific and technical management. From May, 2013 to Jan, 2016, Dr. Husband served as Senior Advisor for Root Cause Analyses in the Office of Performance Assessments and Root Cause Analyses (PARCA), where he conducted root cause analyses of critical Nunn-McCurdy breach programs and led a Better Buying Power Initiative on Eliminating Requirements Imposed on Industry. He re-joined DAU in Jan, 2016 and is currently Center Director for Executive Programs. He is Level III certified in SPRDE, Business-Cost Estimating, and Business-Financial Management, Level II certified in Program Management, and is a certified DAU Executive Coach.

Dr. Husband began his career as a research engineer, specializing in solid propellant development and processing at Edwards AFB, CA and Karlsruhe, Germany and as a polymer processing engineer at the Materials Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. He then served as a Joint Operations Analyst at the U.S. European Command, where he conducted combat and logistics modeling supporting war plans development. During Operation ALLIED FORCE, he was Chief of the Contingency Plans Branch of the Kosovo Plans Group in the Operations Division and later served as Chief of the Operations Plans Group that developed two execution level contingency plans to respond to potential Serbian aggression in the Balkans. He served as the Military Assistant to the Commander, Allied Air Forces Southern Europe in Naples, Italy, and as squadron commander of the 426th Air Base Squadron, Stavanger, Norway.

From 2004 to 2007, Dr. Husband was an Operations Research Systems Analyst in the Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation (PA&E), Office of the Secretary of Defense. As a member of the Cost Analysis Improvement Group (CAIG), he conducted Independent Cost Estimates on Major Defense Acquisition Programs, including the USAF Combat Search and Rescue Helicopter, the USMC Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, the USA Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter, UH-60M Upgrade, Stryker, and Global Combat Support System (a Major Automated Information System). Dr. Husband then served as Dean of the Air Command and Staff College resident program at Maxwell AFB, Alabama, followed by a second Pentagon tour as Deputy Director of Resource Analyses in HQ USAF/A9 (Studies & Analyses, Assessments and Lessons Learned).

Dr. Husband has B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of South Carolina and a Doctor of Engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, all in chemical engineering. He has been married to his wife Debbie for over 35 years and they have four children, David, Matthew, Rachelle and Zachary and two grandsons, Jacoby and Andrew.