Mr. Ohanian currently serves as the Chief of Systems Acquisition Branch within the U.S. Army Geospatial Center (AGC), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and is the Product Director, Combat Terrain Information Systems (PD CTIS) (an Army Acquisition program). Within USACE, Mr. Ohanian is responsible for the National Inventory of Dams (NID) data base, Inland Electronic Navigational Charts (IENC) program, Civil Survey Training Leads that perform survey training at all districts, USMART survey database to capture and share all USACE surveys in an online tool and the Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE) effort to continuously manage and update the Army facilities data base schema and standards. Further, he is responsible to the Director, AGC for the management of the geospatial engineering programs assigned by the Program Executive Officer, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare & Sensors (PEO IEW&S). In this position, Mr. Ohanian is chartered by PEO IEW&S where he executes a myriad of managerial, programmatic and technical functions to meet the AGC and PEO IEWS priorities and requirements as well as ensure delivery of all required capabilities that meet military survey and recon requirements. As PD CTIS, Mr. Ohanian develops, fields and sustains the combat engineer and survey capabilities used to measure targets, complete reconnaissance missions and capture and auto-populate bridge, road, hasty minefield, IED, and other engineering data, build operating bases, roads and airfields.

Mr. Ohanian has an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland and a graduate degree from George Washington University, is DAWIA Level IV certified in Project Management. He is married to Dr. Michelle Ohanian, has 2 teenage girls and resides in Fairfax County.