Elvia Mercado, GS-0801-NH-4,

Acting Deputy Commander,

DCMA Huntsville, DCMAC-SHD

Mrs. Elvia Mercado, a native of Texas is currently assigned as Deputy Commander at DCMA Huntsville.

Mrs. Mercado graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering.  Mrs. Mercado began her government civilian service as an Army Materiel Command (AMC) intern and attended the AMC School of Engineering & Logistics at Texarkana where she earned a Graduate Certification in Product and Production Design Engineering.

After graduating from the intern program, Mrs. Mercado was assigned to U. S. Army Communications and Electronics Command (CECOM) at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey where she served as Project Lead for the acquisition of various Army tactical shelters.   She went on to serve as an electronics engineer at the U. S. Naval Oceanic Systems Center (NOSC) in San Diego, CA assigned to developmental testing duties of the EHF acquisition program.

In September 2008, Mrs. Mercado served as a general engineer assigned to DCMA Orlando where her responsibilities included engineering duties and Earned Value Management Surveillance and Program Analysis.  Mrs. Mercado was promoted in June 2013 to Engineering Supervisor with oversight and management duties of engineering, software, earn value, and technical pricing support personnel.

As DCMA Huntsville’s Engineering and Manufacturing group director since November 2015, she led a multi-functional group of eight supervisors with oversight on over 4 major ACAT 1 programs (IAMD, TCP, OSF, and GMD) and several delegated programs like THAAD and PAC3.

In addition to her extensive experience, Mrs. Mercado is DAWIA Level III certified in Business & Financial Management, Program Management, Engineering, Production and Quality Management and DAWIA Level II certified in Test and Evaluation, and Cost Estimating.  She has successfully completed the TIER II Leadership Development Program, Green Belt Six Sigma Training and DCMA 202 Leadership Challenge Workshop.  She is a 2018-2019 Excellence in Government (EIG) Fellow.  She is a member of the Defense Acquisition Corps, Federally Employed Women (FEW), and Women in Defense (WID).

Mrs. Elvia Mercado resides in Madison, AL with family.

Current as of January 2019