Bill Bahnmaier is a graduate of PMC 85-1.  After graduation, he served as the PM for the Marine Corps Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV) – a major USMC system.  When he retired from the Marines in 1989, he continued his service to national defense as an instructor and chairman in the DAU Program Management and Leadership Department; as a course manager for the successful fielding of the PMT 352 advanced certification course; and acted as the DAU Risk Management Coordinator. He has been a DAUAA member since 1985 and has had the privilege of serving as its president since 2006.  During his 29 years of active duty as a Marine, he advanced from platoon leader to Marine Expeditionary Unit (26 MEU) Commander.  He served two combat tours of duty in Vietnam. He has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MS degree in Financial Management, and is a resident graduate of the U.S. Army War College.  He currently serves as a volunteer at DAU, and was elected as a member-at-large of his Retirement Community Residents’ Council.