Barry Breindel, following a long career with Aerojet, and Aerojet Rocketdyne, an Aerospace and Defense Contractor, Mr. Breindel formed an Independent Consulting Limited Liability Company in January 2004. While employed with Aerojet, Mr. Breindel gained experience in project engineering, program management, business development and field operations for US Government and Industrial clients.  This required locating in Azusa, CA, Sacramento, CA, Huntsville, AL and Washington, DC as well as providing business development support for facilities in Socorro, NM and Jonesborough, TN.  The final assignment for Aerojet was Director, Defense Programs, Washington D.C.

Professional Background:

  • Nuclear Programs: Mr. Breindel had engineering and/or program management responsibilities typified by the following projects; Space Nuclear Auxiliary Power (SNAP-8) with a Sodium-Potassium (eutectic) cooled nuclear reactor and mercury vapor turbine, NERVA Nuclear Rocket, Space Nuclear Thermal Propulsion (SNTP) program, Underwater Radioisotope Power Supply (URIPS-Strontium-90/ thermoelectric generator) for the US Navy, Artificial Heart Development (Pu-238 Heat Source/Stirling Cycle) for the National Institute of Health and a Low Level Radioactive Waste Volume Reduction System for US Utilities..
  • Energy Conversion Systems: Mr. Breindel was responsible for program management of several Department of Energy funded programs including electrical power generation from industrial waste heat (e.g. from cement and lime kilns) and the development of components for operation in geothermal sites.
  • Missile Defense: Mr. Breindel has been involved in missile defense programs since its inception in 1983 with the formation of the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO) through its evolution to the Missile Defense Agency (MDA). This has involved working with many of the MDA government offices. Missile Defense prime contractors, congressional advocates and professional societies such as the NDIA and Surface Navy Association.
  • Military Services: As Director of Defense Systems for Aerojet, Mr. Breindel focused on propulsion and armaments programs with the US Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. Typically this involved working with the prime contractors, Military Service Offices, industry advocacy groups and congressional offices   There is an extensive list of related programs such as the Air Force Minuteman program and the follow-on Land Based Strategic Deterrent (LBSD), Predator Missile (USMC), TOW Missile (USA and USMC), Standard Missile –1 Booster Motor (MK-56) refurbishment program with international users, JSOW (Joint Stand-Off Weapon) payload (USN and USAF), Non-Line of Sight Launch System (NLOS-LS) (USA) and many others.
  • International: Due to the outreach strategy of the MDA to U.S. allies and foreign partners, Mr. Breindel has been involved with the development of cooperative programs with several foreign governments and companies including Japan, the United Kingdom and France.
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Supported the NASA in the Office of the Chief Engineer (OCE) and the Systems Engineering Department at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

Participation on Boards and Working Groups:

  • Participated on the DAU Alumni Association Board of Directors as a Director and Associate Member;
  • Served as a member on the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) DC Chapter Board of Directors;
  • Served on the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Missile Defense Division Executive Committee;
  • Supported the National Center for Advanced Technology (NCAT) in developing distant learning modules for EA processes in conjunction with the Defense Acquisition University (DAU).
  • Participated in a range of workshops and working groups such as the NDIA Missile Defense Information Group, NDIA Systems Engineering Division, ICBM Contractors’ Association, Congressional Speakers’ Series for Missile Defense and Strategic Systems, and, the NDIA Missile Defense Awards planning working group.